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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11075789421265012604972107Mevan J FernandoNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI11 1Endeavour Hills
286312149126501260497286Luke WintleNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI11 1Endeavour Hills
385302219126501260500485Andrew O'MearaNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI2 1Moorabbin
480578942126501260497980Mevan J FernandoNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI12 1Mt Waverley
578883813126501260662478Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group1 1Croydon
67372516126501260506773Jason A BradshawNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI11 1Endeavour Hills
77372125126501260501673Dane A RogersNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI4 1Ormond
872259369126501260544972Liam T RichardsonNoble Park2017/2018South/East 3rd XI13 1Oakleigh
972339595126501260504572Brede SeccullNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI8 1Box Hill
1070578942126501260492170Mevan J FernandoNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI4 1Ormond
1169302229126501260501669Andrew BrownNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI4 1Ormond
1267312149126501260490267Luke WintleNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Caulfield
1366106447126501260538466Sam HurleyNoble Park2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 1Ormond
1466302233126501260538466Andrew BorovacNoble Park2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 1Ormond
1565824696126501260663765Blake A HinchliffeNoble Park2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group4 1Mt Waverley
1664411335126501260490964Marasinghe A PereraNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Moorabbin
1763745446126501260664563*Sam WeteringNoble Park2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group6 1Balwyn
1861302226126501260544261*Matthew L CrozierNoble Park2017/2018South/East 3rd XI12 1Mt Waverley
196068560126501260492160*Jake W RichardsonNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI4 1Ormond
2059316079126501260500459*Darren SeccullNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI2 1Moorabbin
2158302211126501260500458Sean SchubertNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI2 1Moorabbin
2258883813126501260580058Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2017/2018South/East 4th XI4 1Ormond
235671626126501260580056*Travis P BirdNoble Park2017/2018South/East 4th XI4 1Ormond
2456302233126501260504556Andrew BorovacNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI8 1Box Hill
255531419126501260493355Chris LeeNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI6 1Balwyn
265431419126501260490954*Chris LeeNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI2 1Moorabbin
2754411335126501260490254Marasinghe A PereraNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI1 1Caulfield
2853883813126501260581453Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2017/2018South/East 4th XI6 1Elsternwick
2952185656126501260507452Rayner SeccullNoble Park2017/2018South/East 2nd XI12 1Mt Waverley
30521224552126501278457852*Oliver StefanNoble Park2017/2018Under 13 - 210 1Lyndale
3152703191126501278479752*Joshua CrozierNoble Park2017/2018Under 15 - 13 1Cranbourne
325272063126501260492752Paul A HillNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI5 1Elsternwick
3351883813126501278482151*Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2017/2018Under 15 - 19 2Buckley Ridges
34511118962126501278498951*Kirtan PatelNoble Park2017/2018Under 15 - 42 1Endeavour Hills
3551558580126501260497951*Jake BradshawNoble Park2017/2018South/East 1st XI12 1Mt Waverley
3651259369126501260544251Liam T RichardsonNoble Park2017/2018South/East 3rd XI12 1Mt Waverley
3750664176126501260664950*Aaron J BlanchNoble Park2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group7 1Endeavour Hills
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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