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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113510624001485012871853135Nilochana PereraNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI5 1Ivanhoe
2123685601485012872357123*Jake W RichardsonNoble Park2018/2019North/East 2nd XI4 1Preston
31162730081485012872621116*Gavin HurleyNoble Park2018/2019South/East 3rd XI1 1Endeavour Hills
41093022191485012872364109Andrew O'MearaNoble Park2018/2019North/East 2nd XI5 1Ivanhoe
595339595148501287233695*Brede SeccullNoble Park2018/2019North/East 2nd XI1 1Endeavour Hills
69290656148501287185392Robert W JohnstonNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI5 1Ivanhoe
7751224551148501304894275*Archie StefanNoble Park2018/2019Under 15 - 33 1Hallam Kalora Park
87131419148501287182571Chris LeeNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI1 1Endeavour Hills
9671508812148501304883867Senel V Jasin PathiranageNoble Park2018/2019Under 17 - 33 1Cranbourne
106671626148501287283266Travis P BirdNoble Park2018/2019South/East 4th XI4 1Caulfield
1166312149148501287183966*Luke WintleNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI3 1Brunswick
1265273008148501287264265*Gavin HurleyNoble Park2018/2019South/East 3rd XI4 1Caulfield
1356883813148501304883856Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2018/2019Under 17 - 33 1Cranbourne
1455847281148501304583455Neil D'SouzaNoble Park2018/2019Under 15 - 14 1Narre Warren
1555411335148501287184655*Marasinghe A PereraNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI4 1Preston
1654883813148501304882954*Prajay R ParameshNoble Park2018/2019Under 17 - 31 1Narre South
1754410900148501287262154Imran SyedNoble Park2018/2019South/East 3rd XI1 1Endeavour Hills
1853312149148501287183253Luke WintleNoble Park2018/2019North/East 1st XI2 1Mt Waverley
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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